Today’s economy demands new competences: The ability to communicate in a targeted fashion with shareholders and also with stakeholders; The readiness to embrace change creatively and openly; The desire to develop new and efficient strategies in response to changed framework conditions. My team and I can support you in accepting these challenges and overcoming them successfully with strategy, competence and creativity.

"Doing something mediocre is nothing but a waste of time."



public relations

PR strategy needs to grab the attention and yet be intuitive. We develop and implement the PR strategy tailored to your business, thereby generating the added value for communications which you need.

This presupposes a comprehensive understanding for the concerns of and the need for corporate governance. We understand your concerns and are able to handle changes even where these are required quickly – as is already, in effect, part of day-to-day business life.

To assist with market analysis, the marketing strategy which results from this and effective change management, we offer our competent PR support.

We position you and your business in the public eye as an opinion-former and issue-raiser, and work together with you to develop an immediately identifiable profile.

We offer strategic support, consultancy, project support and coaching.

corporate social responsibility

Empowered consumers are calling for socially and ecologically justifiable production methods. The media are also monitoring all forms of entrepreneurial activity with a view to their wider social impact. The debate around corporate social responsibility in both the global and the local context is being conducted ever more widely.

Businesses are now no longer being judged purely on their figures. The new “assessment criteria” range from conduct towards employees and the environment, through caring for the community and the environment, right through to respect for human rights.

The aims are to avoid expensive conflicts successfully, and to consolidate a positive image both internally and externally. In this way, corporate social responsibility makes a measurable contribution to your corporate value-added.

Effectively communicated, social and sustainable commitment has a positive impact on investor and consumer decisions.

public affairs & lobbying

Complex and contentious issues call for special attention. We offer a high degree of competence and a wealth of experience, together with many useful contacts.

For public projects and the opinion-forming which goes along with that, we offer focused interest management at various levels, from the local policy level through to the European and global level.

For us, public affairs and lobbying have developed into essential communications tools for every company management.

We make you and your business visible. We get your message across to the right key partners.

crisis and risk management

Should a crisis occur, then fast-acting, flexible "protect and repair" mechanisms need to be deployed, with an in-depth dialogue with all stakeholders (from politicians to the media, interest groups and institutions, right through to the consumer). With our support, you can thus avert or come through possible crises and pursue effective risk management.

By using professional upstream risk assessment and drawing on our clear view as an outsider, you gain the opportunity to avoid crises and their costly consequences. Following our detailed analysis, we set out possible scenarios for solutions.

If it is certain that a crisis cannot be diverted, then we use a precisely-analysed crisis scenario as the basis for working through and overcoming the situation. This means that the possible damage can be minimised as far as possible.


Strong brands evoke associations. These influence the brand image.

In many cases, it is emotional triggers which determine the success of your brand.

Thanks to our activities, your brand maintains a continuous presence; we use this to create credible values and images with positive associations which can convince your target group.

Our brand communications build effectively on the use of PR tools which achieve a long-lasting positive image of your brand, your business, yourself and your product.


To communicate novelty and uniqueness, innovation and entrepreneurial courage, nothing could be more suitable than linking with artistic forms of expression.

Accordingly, we advise and support businesses in the development and implementation of arts sponsorship projects, as well as working with key cultural institutions over the conduct of their communications agendas and media work.

Using arts sponsorship as a platform for your communications with hard-to-reach target groups, you move away from long-established and tired approaches and, with our support, develop new forms of communication which not only reach out directly to the desired target group, but also tap into the emotional impact of the positive experience of art.

"The horizon of many people is a circle with a radius of zero - and that’s what they call their point of view."

Albert Einstein


  • Nestlé Austria
  • Nestlé S.A., Vevey
  • Nespresso Austria
  • Cereal Partners Austria
  • Federation of Austrian Industrialists
  • Danone Austria
  • Pfizer Austria
  • Sanofi-Aventis Austria
  • Zürich Financials Austria
  • Leopold Museum Vienna
  • Museum for the Applied Arts, Vienna
  • Eli Lilly
  • Der Standard [Austrian national daily newspaper]
  • European Outlets AG
  • European Associations of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Vienna Bar Association
  • Zürich Financials Austria
  • Leopold Museum Vienna
  • Museum for the Applied Arts, Vienna
  • Eli Lilly
  • Der Standard [Austrian national daily newspaper]
  • European Outlets AG
  • European Associations of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Vienna Bar Association


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